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Our agency as a partner can help your brand better influence customer engagement by using out of the box creative approaches combined with intelligently executed marketing strategies.

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About Us

Peares Group is a creative agency based in Dar es salaam - Tanzania, with its partnered creatives collectively sharing decades of experience in branding and audio visual design.

We build visual languages through the combination of mixed and experimental techniques of illustration, motion graphics, animation, CGI and cinematography. Our natural territories are graphics and identity, advertising, channel branding, products and packaging, visuals for events and direct, websites and digital experiences.

Our obsessive and consistent focus on the effectiveness of our work has enabled us to build rich, long lasting relationships and grow our business through the most persuasive channel (word of mouth recommendation). The strategic approach underpins the services delivered across our creative, digital and content teams. We’re proud of our independence, open and collaborative in our approach and truly passionate about our craft.

How We Can Help

We've Structured Our Agency to Support a Broad, Full-Service Creative Offering.

Through our services and products, our talented creative team translate purposeful insights into powerful communication. We craft work that cuts through, connects and shapes attitudes and behaviour – across a broad range of contextual environments.